Thursday, April 27, 2017

Psalm 116, a Journal Entry

Putting me in my place, so to speak. I feel ashamed of my thoughts, and even words, about you lately - feeling like you hear, but don't answer - or, do so randomly. But, in spite of my FEELINGS, the TRUTH is:

"I love the LORD because He hears
& answers my prayers." (Ps. 116:1)

So, the natural response is:
"Because He bends down & listens,
I will pray as long as I have breath!" (Ps. 116:2)

Maybe it's like last night, getting Gracie to bed. We left and she cried and cried, even though everything was okay. We need her to trust us and rest. We were intently listening and watching her on the monitor, and hearts ached to hear her cry, but we knew what was best, even though it felt to her like we weren't listening, or didn't care. Maybe it felt random, but we knew exactly how long we'd let her cry before we came to comfort and reassure her. Eventually, she did settle down, and she's learning to sleep in her crib in her own room. It'll probably be a battle again tonight, but she will learn to trust us that she's safe. That's beautiful. Thank you Father. I have SO MUCH to learn. So much more of my trust to give you. I'm sorry for doubting you - your heart - when:

"How kind the LORD is! How good He is!
So merciful, this God of ours!
The LORD protects those of childlike faith...
Now I can rest again,
for the LORD has been good to me..." (Ps. 116:5-6a, 7)

What should I do?

"I believed in you,
so I prayed,
'I am deeply troubled, LORD.'
In my anxiety I cried out to you..." (Ps. 116:10-11a)

"What can I offer to the LORD for all He has done for me?
I will lift up the cup symbolizing His salvation,
I will praise the LORD's Name for saving me.
I will keep my promises to the LORD in the presence of all His people...
I will offer you a sacrifice of thanksgiving & call on the Name of the LORD.
I will keep my promises to the LORD in the presence of all His people,
in the house of hte LORD,
in the heart of Jerusalem." (Ps. 116:12-19)

"He has saved me...
And so I walk in the LORD's presence as I live here on earth." (Ps. 116:8a, 9)

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